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Magnets vs. TENS

“A lot of people are putting faith and money into “alternative medicine treatments.” (Actually, the preferred designation is “complementary;” “alternative” implies that the old medicine will be discarded for the new ones, while “complementary” makes a case for using the two together.)

“Sure, some of these ideas are great. But others are not. The readers needs to be alert and critical.

“Take magnets, for example. One of our correspondents tells us of claims she has heard that a magnet can be used as an effective pain-killer, comparable to an appliance known as TENS.

“But there is a big difference between a magnet and a TENS unit. A TENS unit emits electricity, and the energy emitted can be shown to stimulate nerves and adjacent tissues. A magnet, on the other hand, does not stimulate tissue. Cave canem!”

(editors note: the above was taken from the most recent edition of the PDF News, a quarterly-published newsletter, from the Mary’s Mailbag section. For more news tips from Mary and for other PD-related research and political news, contact the PDF office to receive a free copy.)

Source Date: Aug 14 2001