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After the Tragedy - An Open Letter

An open letter to our community – In the aftermath of last week’s tragic events in New York City and Washington, we at the PDF share our thoughts, good wishes and hopes for renewal to our community of PWPs and their families. Although we and our nearest and dearest were blessedly untouched personally by the terrible experience, we know of so many thousands of families who were directly involved – from those who lost loved ones to the heroes who risked their own lives in working to save others. Among these, none deserve our respect and gratitude more than the men and woman of the uniformed services, especially the fire and police departments of New York City. In keeping with the calls for a return to normalcy by our President, our Governor and our Mayor, we at the PDF want our friends in the Parkinson’s community to know that we are very much “open for business”. Let us know how you are …and whether there is any way we may help you.

Robin Anthony Elliott Executive Director

Source Date: Sep 17 2001