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Access to the latest research — for scientists and people living with PD alike — in PDF's new scientific journal.

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PDF has partnered with, an on-line buyersí club through which individuals and companies can purchase just about anything from gardening tools and office supplies to household furniture and appliances. With no minimum purchase requirements, this site offers a unique chance for those interested in PD research to have up to 15% of each purchase donated to the PDF (or other charity of choice). Thus, the larger the purchase, the larger the donation is to the PDF for Parkinsonís research. So, use the PDF link to yourself for all your on-line purchasing needs and encourage your family and friends to do so themselves and through their places of business. Remember, the more money raised to support research in Parkinsonís disease means the faster a cure and a preventive will ultimately be available.

Source Date: Oct 03 2000