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FDA Approves Dissolving Carbidopa/Levodopa Medication

Schwarz Pharma has announced FDA approval of a readily dissolvable formulation of levodopa/carbidopa called Parcopa™. The tablets, which will be in pharmacies on September 27, 2004, will be available in the same strengths as is regular Sinemet® and may be used in the same dosage schedules. Parcopa™, however, is not a continual-release formulation and thus should not be used in place of Sinemet CR®.

The product utilizes their RapiTab™ technology, enabling the tablets to dissolve on the tongue and can be taken without fluids. The formulation should make it easier for those people who experience morning rigidity or “off” periods during the day. The tablets are said to be pleasant-tasting and easily soluble both in saliva and other liquids.

Schwarz Pharma will be operating a coupon program to keep the price of Parcopa™ similar to that of carbidopa/levodopa. To receive this coupon, visit or ask your physician.

Schwarz Pharma is also currently waiting for marketing approval of another Parkinson’s medication, rotigotine, a selective D2 dopaminergic receptor agonist in the form of a transdermal patch.

Source Date: Sep 15 2004