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Posted on March 11, 2009
Updated on August 28, 2014
Category: General Information on Understanding Parkinson's DiseaseResource Type: National OrganizationsThis national toll-free HelpLine and 'Ask the Expert' web service is staffed by information specialists who can answer questions about Parkinson's disease, provide referrals to doctors and...
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Posted on April 08, 2010
Updated on April 12, 2011
Category: End of LifeResource Type: PublicationsThis fact sheet discusses the role and benefits of hospice for a person and family living with advanced PD. Suggestions on how to discuss hospice with a family member and tips for applying for...
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Posted on March 01, 2011
Updated on April 14, 2014
Category: Legal MattersResource Type: WebsitesThis checklist offers information and suggestions on making future plans for financial, health and other related needs.
Posted on August 06, 2014
Updated on August 06, 2014
Category: Young Children Learning About ParkinsonísResource Type: BooksThis book was inspired by the reactions and questions of the authorís grandchildren when they learned about his deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery. It provides information about DBS...
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Posted on April 05, 2011
Updated on April 05, 2011
Category: Motor SymptomsResource Type: WebsitesThis online checklist details why it is important to maintain good posture when living with PD and offers suggestions on how to do it.
Posted on March 11, 2009
Updated on April 11, 2011
Category: Sources for Buying Equipment and SuppliesResource Type: National OrganizationsAdaptive clothing and equipment for both the professional work place and the home.
Posted on February 13, 2014
Updated on February 13, 2014
Category: Movement Disorder CentersResource Type: Local Organizations
Posted on April 05, 2011
Updated on April 05, 2011
Category: Clinical StudiesResource Type: WebsitesThis website includes citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher...
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