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Understanding Parkinson’s

Motor Symptoms


    Balance and Falls
    Gait or Freezing

    Nonmotor Symptoms and Complications



Sleep and Fatigue/ REM Behavior Sleep Disorder

    Gastrointestinal and Urinary Function

    Cognition and Hallucination

Impulse Control Disorder

Vision/Visual hallucination



Orthostatic Hypotension


Imaging Studies

Clinical Studies



Treating Parkinson’s

Current and potential medications/Therapies

    Surgical Treatments
Gene Therapy

Deep Brain Stimulation

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy



Art and Music

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Living with a Parkinson’s Diagnosis



Care giving

Hospice/End of Life/Palliative Care

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Novelty Seeking in Patients with Right- Versus Left-Onset Parkinson Disease.
Erica Harris, Patrick McNamara, Raymon Durso
Cogn Behav Neurol 2015 Mar; 28(1):11-16
PMID: 25812126 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

Long-term follow-up of bilateral subthalamic nucleus stimulation in Chinese Parkinson's disease patients.
Jianyu Li, Yuqing Zhang, Yongjie Li
Br J Neurosurg 2015 Mar; :1-5
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Monoamine reuptake inhibitors in Parkinson's disease.
Philippe Huot, Susan H Fox, Jonathan M Brotchie
Parkinsons Dis 2015 ; 2015:609428
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Ellagic acid improves hyperalgesia and cognitive deficiency in 6-hydroxidopamine induced rat model of Parkinson's disease.
Mojtaba Dolatshahi, Yaghoob Farbood, Alireza Sarkaki, Seyed Mohammad Taqhi Mansouri, Ali Khodadadi
Iran J Basic Med Sci 2015 Jan; 18(1):38-46
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Fully Implantable Deep Brain Stimulation System with Wireless Power Transmission for Long-term Use in Rodent Models of Parkinson's Disease.
Man Seung Heo, Hyun Seok Moon, Hee Chan Kim, Hyung Woo Park, Young Hoon Lim, Sun Ha Paek
J Korean Neurosurg Soc 2015 Mar; 57(3):152-8
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A guideline for the management of bladder dysfunction in Parkinson's disease and other gait disorders.
Ryuji Sakakibara, Jalesh Panicker, Enrico Finazzi-Agro, Valerio Iacovelli, Homero Bruschini,
Neurourol Urodyn 2015 Mar;
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Causes of withdrawal of duodenal levodopa infusion in advanced Parkinson disease.
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Neurology 2015 Mar;
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Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Extracted from Tobacco Smoke as Neuroprotective Factors for Potential Treatment of Parkinson's Disease.
Y Sari, A Khalil
CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets 2015 Mar;
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Mutations of Human NARS2, Encoding the Mitochondrial Asparaginyl-tRNA Synthetase, Cause Nonsyndromic Deafness and Leigh Syndrome.
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Sixty hertz neurostimulation amplifies subthalamic neural synchrony in Parkinson's disease.
Zack Blumenfeld, Anca Velisar, Mandy Miller Koop, Bruce C Hill, Lauren A Shreve, Emma J Quinn, Camilla Kilbane, Hong Yu, Jaimie M Henderson, Helen Brontë-Stewart
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Prevalence and correlates of sleep disorders in Parkinson's disease: a polysomnographic study.
Vanessa Alatriste-Booth, Mayela Rodríguez-Violante, Azyadeh Camacho-Ordońez, Amin Cervantes-Arriaga
Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2015 Mar; 73(3):241-5
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Polymorphism of the dopamine transporter type 1 gene modifies the treatment response in Parkinson's disease.
Caroline Moreau, Sayah Meguig, Jean-Christophe Corvol, Julien Labreuche, Francis Vasseur, Alain Duhamel, Arnaud Delval, Thomas Bardyn, Jean-Christophe Devedjian, Nathalie Rouaix, Gregory Petyt, Christine Brefel-Courbon, Fabienne Ory-Magne, Dominique Guehl, Alexandre Eusebio, Valérie Fraix, Pierre-Jean Saulnier, Ouhaid Lagha-Boukbiza, Frank Durif, Mirela Faighel, Caroline Giordana, Sophie Drapier, David Maltęte, Christine Tranchant, Jean-Luc Houeto, Bettina Debű, Jean-Philippe Azulay, François Tison, Alain Destée, Marie Vidailhet, Olivier Rascol, Kathy Dujardin, Luc Defebvre, Régis Bordet, Bernard Sablonničre, David Devos,
Brain 2015 Mar;
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Social intentions in Parkinson's disease patients: A kinematic study.
Elisa Straulino, Tomaso Scaravilli, Umberto Castiello
Cortex 2015 Mar;
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Studying nitrosative stress in Parkinson's disease.
Kenny K K Chung
Methods Mol Biol 2015 ; 1292:195-201
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Web-based telemonitoring and delivery of caregiver support for patients with Parkinson disease after deep brain stimulation: protocol.
Sara Marceglia, Elena Rossi, Manuela Rosa, Filippo Cogiamanian, Lorenzo Rossi, Laura Bertolasi, Alberto Vogrig, Francesco Pinciroli, Sergio Barbieri, Alberto Priori
JMIR Res Protoc 2015 ; 4(1):e30
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Environmental factors as modulators of neurodegeneration: Insights from gene-environment interactions in Huntington's disease.
Christina Mo, Anthony J Hannan, Thibault Renoir
Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2015 Mar; 52:178-192
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Attenuation of neuromotor deficits by natural antioxidants of Decalepis hamiltonii in transgenic Drosophila model of Parkinson's disease.
S R Jahromi, M Haddadi, T Shivanandappa, S R Ramesh
Neuroscience 2015 Mar; 293:136-150
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Lewy bodies: A spectator or salient killer?
J Sian-Hülsmann, C Monoranu, S Strobel, P Riederer
CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets 2015 Mar;
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News in neuroloey 2014].
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Activation of CNTF/CNTFR? Signaling Pathway by hRheb(S16H) Transduction of Dopaminergic Neurons In Vivo.
Kyoung Hoon Jeong, Jin Han Nam, Byung Kwan Jin, Sang Ryong Kim
PLoS One 2015 ; 10(3):e0121803
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Olfactory Dysfunction and Neurotransmitter Disturbance in Olfactory Bulb of Transgenic Mice Expressing Human A53T Mutant ?-Synuclein.
Sufang Zhang, Qian Xiao, Weidong Le
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Deep brain stimulation in tinnitus: Current and future perspectives.
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Developments in intracerebral stem cell grafts.
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An 8-Year Follow-up on the Effect of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation on Pain in Parkinson Disease.
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JAMA Neurol 2015 Mar;
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Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus: Taking the Ouch Out of Parkinson Disease.
Pravin Khemani, Richard B Dewey
JAMA Neurol 2015 Mar;
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Roles of Rheb(S16H) in substantia nigra pars compacta dopaminergic neurons in vivo.
Min-Tae Jeon, Sang Ryong Kim
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Activation of 5-HT1A receptors in the medial subdivision of the central nucleus of the amygdala produces anxiolytic effects in a rat model of Parkinson's disease.
Yi-Na Sun, Tao Wang, Yong Wang, Ling-Na Han, Li-Bo Li, Yu-Ming Zhang, Liu Jian
Neuropharmacology 2015 Mar;
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Advances in research of complementary and integrative medicine: a review of recent publications in some of the leading medical journals].
Dorit Gamus
Harefuah 2015 Jan; 154(1):9-15, 70
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An Update on Pharmacological, Pharmacokinetic Properties and Drug-Drug Interactions of Rotigotine Transdermal System in Parkinson's Disease and Restless Legs Syndrome.
Jan-Peer Elshoff, Willi Cawello, Jens-Otto Andreas, Francois-Xavier Mathy, Marina Braun
Drugs 2015 Mar;
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Identification of novel biomarkers for Parkinson's disease by metabolomic technologies.
Taku Hatano, Shinji Saiki, Ayami Okuzumi, Robert P Mohney, Nobutaka Hattori
J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2015 Mar;
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Increased brain bio-distribution and chemical stability and decreased immunogenicity of an engineered variant of GDNF.
Rosamund C Smith, Linda M O'Bryan, Pamela J Mitchell, Donmienne Leung, Mahmoud Ghanem, Jonathan M Wilson, Jeff C Hanson, Sandra Sossick, Jane Cooper, Lihua Huang, Kalpana M Merchant, Jirong Lu, Michael J O'Neill
Exp Neurol 2015 Mar;
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Alteration of enteric monoamines with monoamine receptors and colonic dysmotility in 6-hydroxydopamine-induced Parkinson's disease rats.
Xiaoli Zhang, Yun Li, Chenzhe Liu, Ruifang Fan, Ping Wang, Lifei Zheng, Feng Hong, Xiaoyan Feng, Yue Zhang, Lisheng Li, Jinxia Zhu
Transl Res 2015 Feb;
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Mitochondrial transfer from Wharton's jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells to mitochondria-defective cells recaptures impaired mitochondrial function.
Hung-Yu Lin, Chia-Wei Liou, Shang-Der Chen, Te-Yao Hsu, Jiin-Haur Chuang, Pei-Wen Wang, Sheng-Teng Huang, Mao-Meng Tiao, Jin-Bor Chen, Tsu-Kung Lin, Yao-Chung Chuang
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Pallidal stimulation for Holmes tremor: clinical outcomes and single-unit recordings in 4 cases.
Camilla Kilbane, Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, Elena Ryapolova-Webb, Salman Qasim, Graham A Glass, Philip A Starr, Jill L Ostrem
J Neurosurg 2015 Mar; :1-9
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Transdermal Rotigotine Improves Sleep Fragmentation in Parkinson's Disease: Results of the Multicenter, Prospective SLEEP-FRAM Study.
Javier Pagonabarraga, Gerard Pińol, Adriana Cardozo, Pilar Sanz, Víctor Puente, Pilar Otermín, Inés Legarda, Tania Delgado, Carmen Serrano, Ernest Balaguer, María Aguirregomozcorta, Ramiro Álvarez, Jaime J Kulisevsky
Parkinsons Dis 2015 ; 2015:131508
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The Effect of Creatine and Coenzyme Q10 Combination Therapy on Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease.
Zhenguang Li, Pengfei Wang, Zhancai Yu, Yannan Cong, Hairong Sun, Jiangshan Zhang, Jinbiao Zhang, Chao Sun, Yong Zhang, Xiaohua Ju
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Neuromuscular correlates of subthalamic stimulation and upper limb freezing in Parkinson's disease.
Marlieke Scholten, Rosa Klotz, Christian Plewnia, Tobias Wächter, Carina Mielke, Bastiaan R Bloem, Christoph Braun, Ulf Ziemann, Rathinaswamy B Govindan, Alireza Gharabaghi, Rejko Krüger, Daniel Weiss
Clin Neurophysiol 2015 Feb;
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Underactive and overactive bladders are related to motor function and quality of life in Parkinson's disease.
Zhi Liu, Tomoyuki Uchiyama, Ryuji Sakakibara, Tatsuya Yamamoto
Int Urol Nephrol 2015 Mar;
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Pharmacokinetic Properties and Tolerability of Rotigotine Transdermal Patch After Repeated-Dose Application in Healthy Korean Volunteers.
Bo-Hyung Kim, Kyung-Sang Yu, In-Jin Jang, Kyoung Soo Lim, Jung-Ryul Kim, Jan-Peer Elshoff, Jens-Otto Andreas, Marina Braun, Willi Cawello
Clin Ther 2015 Mar;
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Both Ubiquitin Ligases FBXW8 and PARK2 Are Sequestrated into Insolubility by ATXN2 PolyQ Expansions, but Only FBXW8 Expression Is Dysregulated.
Melanie Vanessa Halbach, Tanja Stehning, Ewa Damrath, Marina Jendrach, Nesli Ece ?en, A Nazl? Ba?ak, Georg Auburger
PLoS One 2015 ; 10(3):e0121089
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Plasmalogen precursor analog treatment reduces levodopa-induced dyskinesias in parkinsonian monkeys.
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Behav Brain Res 2015 Mar;
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Pharmacophore Modeling, 3D-QSAR and Molecular Docking of Furanochalcones as Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase-B.
Bijo Mathew, Sanal Dev, Jerad Suresh, Githa Elizabeth Mathew, B Lakshman, A Haridas, F Fathima, Girish Kumar Krishnan
Cent Nerv Syst Agents Med Chem 2015 Mar;
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Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the primary motor cortex in the treatment of motor signs in Parkinson's disease: A quantitative review of the literature.
Anosha Zanjani, Konstantine K Zakzanis, Zafiris J Daskalakis, Robert Chen
Mov Disord 2015 Mar;
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Low-Variance RNAs Identify Parkinson's Disease Molecular Signature in Blood.
Maria D Chikina, Christophe P Gerald, Xianting Li, Yongchao Ge, Hanna Pincas, Venugopalan D Nair, Aaron K Wong, Arjun Krishnan, Olga G Troyanskaya, Deborah Raymond, Rachel Saunders-Pullman, Susan B Bressman, Zhenyu Yue, Stuart C Sealfon
Mov Disord 2015 Mar;
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Dyskinesia-hyperpyrexia syndrome in a patient with Parkinson's disease: a case report.
Soutarou Taguchi, Jun-Ichi Niwa, Tohru Ibi, Manabu Doyu
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Controlled release of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor from poly(?-caprolactone) microspheres.
Andrew Agbay, Nima Khadem Mohtaram, Stephanie Michelle Willerth
Drug Deliv Transl Res 2014 Apr; 4(2):159-70
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Early Freezing of Gait: Atypical versus Typical Parkinson Disorders.
Abraham Lieberman, Aman Deep, Rohit Dhall, An Tran, Ming-Jai Liu
Parkinsons Dis 2015 ; 2015:951645
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Neuroprotection of MAO-B inhibitor and dopamine agonist in Parkinson disease.
Ping Kong, Benshu Zhang, Ping Lei, Xiaodong Kong, Shishuang Zhang, Dai Li, Yun Zhang
Int J Clin Exp Med 2015 ; 8(1):431-9
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Rotigotine transdermal system as add-on to oral dopamine agonist in advanced Parkinson's disease: an open-label study.
Jong-Min Kim, Sun Ju Chung, Jae Woo Kim, Beom Seok Jeon, Pritibha Singh, Stephan Thierfelder, Junji Ikeda, Lars Bauer,
BMC Neurol 2015 Dec; 15(1):267
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Differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells to mature functional Purkinje neurons.
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Inside Tract: Can deep brain stimulation survive its reputation for success?
Shannon Fischer
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Caregivers' and physicians' attitudes to rotigotine transdermal patch versus oral Parkinson's disease medication: an observational study.
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Phase-dependent modulation as a novel approach for therapeutic brain stimulation.
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The integrative role of the pedunculopontine nucleus in human gait.
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The Role of 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Targeting the Human Subthalamic Nucleus in Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson Disease.
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GDNF-based therapies, GDNF-producing interneurons, and trophic support of the dopaminergic nigrostriatal pathway. Implications for Parkinson's disease.
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The link between non-ergot-derived dopamine agonists and heart failure: how strong is it?
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Re-emergent Tongue Tremor as the Presenting Symptom of Parkinson's Disease.
?akir Delil, Feray Bölükba??, Naz Yeni, Güne? K?z?ltan
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Combined Nurr1 and Foxa2 roles in the therapy of Parkinson's disease.
Sang-Min Oh, Mi-Yoon Chang, Jae-Jin Song, Yong-Hee Rhee, Eun-Hye Joe, Hyun-Seob Lee, Sang-Hoon Yi, Sang-Hun Lee
EMBO Mol Med 2015 Mar;
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Paraphilias and paraphilic disorders in Parkinson's disease: A systematic review of the literature.
Paolo Solla, Marco Bortolato, Antonino Cannas, Cesare Salvatore Mulas, Francesco Marrosu
Mov Disord 2015 Mar;
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Bilateral Subthalamic Stimulation can Improve Sleep Quality in Parkinson's Disease.
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