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Karen Smith

Karen Smith, People with Parkinson's Advisory Council

Karen J. Smith
Evansville, IN

“It seems my life up to this point has uniquely qualified me for my new purpose with PDF's Advisory Council: to do what I can to help spread awareness of the disease and to voice the concerns of people with Parkinson’s who live in smaller communities where resources are not available.”

Ms. Smith is a former employee of the Pharmaceutical Quality Control Department at Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Company.

Ms. Smith was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease at the age of 42.  She left Bristol Myers shortly after her diagnosis and devoted herself to Parkinson’s advocacy.

She formed and facilitated a young onset Parkinson’s disease support group. She also served as the Indiana District 8 Congressional Coordinator for the Parkinson’s Action Network. In 2006, she organized and chaired the “Stomp Out Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Walk” the proceeds of which benefit the Parkinson's Unity Walk, and continued to chair the walk for the next five years.

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