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Judi Sechter

Judi Sechter
Merrick, NY

“With PDF’s Advisory Council, I hope I can encourage other people living with Parkinson’s to become involved in this community so that we can possibly reach the end of the tunnel – a cure.”

Ms. Sechter is a former teacher and customer service representative.

She has lived with Parkinson's for more than 13 years, during which time she has been very active in the Parkinson’s community as a clinical trial participant, an attendee of two World Parkinson Congresses, and a member of PDF’s Creativity and Parkinson’s Project (including the Parkinson’s Quilt). In fact, her artwork was featured in the Creativity and Parkinson’s Project print calendar. She has also volunteered with other national organizations and the Parkinson's Action Network (PAN) on their legislative advocacy efforts.

Ms. Sechter received her bachelor of science in elementary education from Boston University and her master of science from Queens College.

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