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Do you want to know more about Parkinson's? PDF's materials provide information about symptoms, medications, resources & more.

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Caller Comments

Would you like to tell us about your experience with PDF's HelpLine or Ask the Expert online service? 

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Comments from other callers:

"Thank you so very much for taking the time to speak with me today. You were so very informative and helpful to me with your knowledge, explanations, and tips. You are very knowledgable on this subject, and truly professional in your elocution."

"You are the only one I have been able to talk with like this.”

“Your helpline was truly a most helpful resource – on such a wide variety of subjects.  I never expected to talk to one person who could explain historic and current treatments, explain research progress, and offer coping suggestions as well as other resources.”

“Thanks for being an ear for me – I just don’t feel so all alone now.”

“Thank you for your help.  I have learned more from you on this one phone call than I have in the three years I have been seeing the doctor.  Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!” 

“You people are so helpful every time I call.  I am glad you are there.”