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Share Your Story

by Diane Durkee

I see the stairs and I must go down
Where will they take me?
What lies ahead? I fear the unknown.
What will I find? What will I see?

I know I must go down.
One step at a time.
There is no turning back
From this long downward climb.

I’ve arrived at the bottom
With closed eyes and clasped hands
Am I ready to face my challenges?
The future – the past – it’s buried in the sands.

I feel a touch, a warm loving touch.
A soft voice whispers and I hear
“Open your eyes go forward and believe.
Continue on your path for there is nothing to fear.”

I open my eyes and begin to look!
There before me are the flowers and birds, butterflies and bees
Beauty surrounds me and joy fills my heart
With the stairs behind, I follow the path before me.

As I walk down the path which leads to My Garden,
I am touched once again by that Angel from above
Who comes with a message for me to hear
A message that tells me of HIS special love.

As I approach My Garden the gate opens wide
And I sit on my bench and ponder and think.
What does He hold in the future for me?
I wonder? What does HE think?

The answer I receive comes to me day by day
For I know in my own very special way
That the future will carry great wealth of good friends
And through the light and the dark I will be okay.

Strange as it may seem
I can honestly say
PD has enriched my life
In such a very special way.

The people I have met,
The times I have shared
Not only gives me hope,
But friends that care.

How can you share and not take with you
The sounds and the silence that others have felt?
The confusion, the caring that sadness has brought
The seeing of self and the growth it has wrought.
There is HOPE.

I pray that all who read these words will be blessed and know they are not alone.

Posted by Diane Durkee on February 17, 2010

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