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By Su Kas

How often have we heard the refrain "Health is Wealth" and we say, huh uh, and continue going our merry way oblivious to the significance of those three words. That phrase is oft-repeated, but rarely does it penetrate our stress-induced haze and the brain which is computing all the to-do lists.

For most of us health is something we take for granted. Yup, you get a sniffle or two, you get a fever etc... pop some pills and continue the rat race always fearful of being left behind. What we do not realize until it is too late that we should take some time to respect our body, feed it, nourish it, cherish it and take care of it. Because without it you cannot do anything.

I was also cruising along the highway of life oblivious to the changes going on inside me as I was more focused on what needs to be done next, stressing out, working, being a parent, spouse, daughter etc. There was a lot going on: changes in residence, jobs, new baby - all the little warning signs attributed to the myriad little things that crop up as part of living. The tremors were because of weakness, irritability because of stress etc.

Then suddenly I found myself on the wayside flailing struggling to gain control of my life, trying to steer back to the road but unable to.... my tremors increased, heartbeat accelerated, irritability was a constant companion, fatigue so intense that I felt like a rag doll, limp and drained, emotions all over the place, I felt like I was in the twilight zone, very sure that I was losing my marbles or going plain nuts:)

Doctors visits followed…and multiple needle pricks later, diagnosis - hyperthyroidism! Oh phew! So my slew of "symptoms' actually had a name. Hyper became hypo - started popping pills started almost feeling human. No real cur, need to pop pills lifelong! Bummer,I thought and then shrugged it off saying "Oh well, as long as I am able to cruise along and went on feeling a little better at handling this little fender bender in the road of life.

Bang! Just as I was cruising along there came along a bump so large and so life changing on the road that my life and those of my loved ones will never be the same....

Talk about a life derailing event. Diagnosis of Parkinson's at the age of 36, the prime of my life, of my hubby's life, of my two beautiful sons lives - Still trying to recover from the whiplash of that news, trying to come to terms with the limitations and everything else that it entails, the frustrations, the fear, the unfairness of it, the self recriminations the if onlys, maybes, because and yes, the why me??

I always believe whatever happens - happens for the best and I look at life through rose-colored glasses and yup my glass is half full, but I am still waiting for answers, still trying to find the strength and still waiting for the answer that I had emailed to God - why me??

"Health is Wealth" you bet it is! Take it from someone who found out the hard way.



Posted by Su Kas on December 31, 2009

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