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by Ronald Rodrigues

I have made a decision that the glass is going to be half full and that I will make the best of it. It is a conscious effort to do this rather than wallow in self pity.

People with Parkinsons need to create their own care plan. There are people who can assist all along the way but the key is that you stay in charge and use all the Consultants and Advisors that are at your disposal.

Your history doesn't have to be your destiny. I have lots of wonderful things to look forward to although Parkinsons is part of my life, it is not my life.

Parkinson is known as a silent magician, when people get to a point of having tremors or discomfort they tend to drop out of sight. It is important for Parkinson patients to be out in public everyday and to be ambassadors for our cause.

Living with Parkinsons is very similar to that of cycling. We experience many hurdles but we keep going. We receive reports from media that a cure is near, yet we are constantly disappointed. I am sure eventually our persistence will be rewarded and that we will raise our arms in victory.

I am convinced that my persistence in seekiing out help and maintaining a positive attitude has made a powerful difference in my life. I also turn to God for comfort and hope. As an old saying goes "Never give up....thats the secret to glory." Don't let Parkinsons get you down.

Posted by Ronald Rodrigues on September 11, 2009

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