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My Parkinsonís Disease Story & Symptoms by Gerry Lundy

Pre-diagnosed symptoms led to my diagnosis of PD.

My first symptom before being diagnosed with PD was, thinking back about 25 years ago, when I was 42 years old and I lost my sense of smell.

One of my favourite loves was my 1980 Honda Interstate motorcycle. I spent many a day traveling around Ontario on day trips, the highlight being the trip Carol and I took motor cycling around Lake Superior on my Interstate. What a beautiful country. After about 10 years of riding, in 1990, I began to be uncomfortable riding as I noticed a minor balance problem, which got worse as time went on, until I felt it was no longer safe for me to drive and I sold my bike.

My wife Carol told me time and time again how slowly I reached across the table for a Kleenex, I didn't think it was a concern, but it was also an early signal for PD. Then she notice how slowly I walked.

The next clue on my road to being diagnosed with PD was when I started tripping while walking. I became unable to complete a full step using my right foot without my foot catching on the carpet or flooring causing me to trip. It became very noticeable at work. One day while going down a long set of carpeted stairs, my right foot caught and I fell forward head first. With luck I grabbed the hand rail with both hands and stopped my fall. I wrenched my back. My Family doctor told me I had Drop Foot on my right leg. This problem worsened until I was prescribed an ankle leg support where my right foot was supported with a plastic support stopping my foot from dropping and forcing me walk properly with my heel hitting the ground first then my toe.

Around 2002, I started dragging my right leg which steadily worsened with time and then pain. My right foot landed toe first, with my heel staying in the air. It became obvious at work as it was necessary for me to walk in public view. My movement became extremely slow. A fellow department head, after watching me walk unsteadily, told the president of my workplace that he thought I was drinking on the job. We laughed about it afterwards.

My next symptom was having trouble doing things with my hands, cutting my meat at meal time was a struggle. I lost dexterity in the use of my hands. Soon to follow was my hand writing. My hand writing becoming smaller and smaller finally becoming illegible. I eventually was unable to sign my name at work. I struggled with these problems. I talked to my friend and fellow worker John. He told me I have PD and have it checked out. I did and was diagnosed with PD in 2005, by a neurologist.

Sleep Disturbance reared its ugly face. First there was every night anxiety caused by fear of not being able to fall asleep. Unsuccessfully trying to twist and turn in bed to find a comfortable position. I was uncomfortable in bed no matter how I positioned myself. This made sleep near impossible. So I had to get out of bed to read a book, take my medication and hopefully begin to get sleepy enough to return to bed.

My numerous symptoms began to take a toll on my ability to properly perform my job. I had a talk with my superior at work. I told him I have PD and could no longer work. I was put on disability in November 2005. I was 63 years of age.

Now, in 2009, I continue my battle with PD, using a combination of medications

Posted by Gerry Lundy on August 25, 2009

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