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Share Your Story

Everyone's experience of living with Parkinson's is unique.  Here, real people living with Parkinson's share their stories about the challenges and joys of living with Parkinson's  - about adjusting to diagnosis, dealing with employment issues, finding the endeavors (academic, artistic or athletic) that are therapeutic to their symptoms and/or outlook...and more.

Your story, too, could inspire others whose lives have been affected by PD.  Share your story today.

Recent Stories

Posted on September 16, 2011Annie Konopka is a mother of two and she has been married to Joe for 20 years. Before she married Joe, Annie was very interested in a TV/Modeling career. She attended John Casablanca Modeling...
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Posted on December 29, 2009By Earl Love I was diagnosed with PD in June 2004. My Creative Outlet??? I had been making wine as a hobby since 1989 and my wife and I have now won both Texas and International awards with...
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Posted on August 19, 2011Hi I'm a 56 year old male. I have had Parkinson's disease for 12yrs and I would like to share my story. After being told at 44yrs that I had PD I had a choice I could curl up in the fetal...
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Posted on April 05, 2010by Chuck Pew I look OK, so nothing is wrong No one sees the shaking that embarrasses me so. They do not see the pain that is to move. They may wonder why Iím lazy and slow. But I look OK,...
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Posted on June 10, 2009By Sandy CohenI was diagnosed with Young-onset Parkinson's disease when I was 31 years old. However, I was symptomatic for two years before my official diagnosis. It was after my husband and I...
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Posted on September 11, 2009by Ronald RodriguesI have made a decision that the glass is going to be half full and that I will make the best of it. It is a conscious effort to do this rather than wallow in self...
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Posted on August 11, 2011Following numerous tests I was finally diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1994. I remember crying and saying to my husband Art "what am I going to do now? He replied, "the same things you are...
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Posted on June 21, 2010by Lexy Hi, my name is Lexy. I am 13 years old, and my dad has Parkinsonís disease. I donít really know what to write in this essay, but I think itís important that I share my story. I have...
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Posted on March 21, 2011 It has been 15 years since I was diagnosed in 1996 with Parkinsonís .Never deny a diagnosis, but do deny the negative verdict that may go with it. I was determined to absorb the blow, suck up...
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Posted on October 29, 2009By Patricia Sherrick My Parkinsonís story begins in a meat department of all places...I was working there at the time and noticed a tremor of the right big toe. Thinking it was a pinched...
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