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Share Your Story

Everyone's experience of living with Parkinson's is unique.  Here, real people living with Parkinson's share their stories about the challenges and joys of living with Parkinson's  - about adjusting to diagnosis, dealing with employment issues, finding the endeavors (academic, artistic or athletic) that are therapeutic to their symptoms and/or outlook...and more.

Your story, too, could inspire others whose lives have been affected by PD.  Share your story today.

Recent Stories

Posted on August 06, 2010I remember when my Father learned he had Parkinson's. He had just turned 75. We were very close and used to finish each other's sentences. I said, "Dad you know it's all about..."...
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Posted on January 10, 2011By Alan D Busch In the first in a series of essays, Chicago writer Alan D. Busch examines the nature of the relationship between his Jewish faith and Parkinson's Disease with which he has...
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Posted on January 13, 2011By Lillian Gallego - I've had Parkinson's disease for 2 years. This is my story of how I am dealing with it and how my family is helping me cope through this tough time in my life. Not having...
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Posted on May 27, 2011 by Leonore Gordon As a 55-year old female poet and retired family therapist, with 12-plus years of living with Parkinsonís under my belt, I aim to take on PDFís challenge for Parkinsonís...
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Posted on January 26, 2011When Linda Giorgilli first signed up for Facebook, one of the worldís largest social networking sites, she thought it would be a nice way to connect with friends. †In the past two years, it has...
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Posted on March 18, 2011 I have Parkinsonís. I was diagnosed eleven years ago when I was 49. It was a tough reality for me, especially after I started learning about the disease and what it can do to a person. ...
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Posted on March 21, 2011 It has been 15 years since I was diagnosed in 1996 with Parkinsonís .Never deny a diagnosis, but do deny the negative verdict that may go with it. I was determined to absorb the blow, suck up...
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Posted on March 22, 2011I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 13 years ago. Part of that diagnosis was comment on my lack of facial expression, the infamous Parkinson's mask. I didn't think much about this until...
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Posted on April 08, 2011My nightmare began in the spring of 1999, with the shaking of my left pinky finger. I use to laugh it off, attributing it to our new local Starbucks. I'd say to my friends, "Hey look guys, me...
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Posted on April 15, 2011By Peter Gall   Dear Friends,My family and I traveled widely during my journalistic career, as far afield as Moscow and Singapore.  We did a good job of staying in touch with you...
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