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Share Your Story

Everyone's experience of living with Parkinson's is unique.  Here, real people living with Parkinson's share their stories about the challenges and joys of living with Parkinson's  - about adjusting to diagnosis, dealing with employment issues, finding the endeavors (academic, artistic or athletic) that are therapeutic to their symptoms and/or outlook...and more.

Your story, too, could inspire others whose lives have been affected by PD.  Share your story today.

Recent Stories

Posted on September 16, 2011Annie Konopka is a mother of two and she has been married to Joe for 20 years. Before she married Joe, Annie was very interested in a TV/Modeling career. She attended John Casablanca Modeling...
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Posted on August 19, 2011Hi I'm a 56 year old male. I have had Parkinson's disease for 12yrs and I would like to share my story. After being told at 44yrs that I had PD I had a choice I could curl up in the fetal...
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Posted on August 11, 2011Following numerous tests I was finally diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1994. I remember crying and saying to my husband Art "what am I going to do now? He replied, "the same things you are...
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Posted on August 06, 2011If you read the medical definition of Parkinson's, it sounds like a drawn out oxymoron. Parkinson's is a degenerative neurological disease characterized by involuntary movements and lack of...
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Posted on April 27, 2011My Dad's dad came here from Liverpool when he was 13. He died of cancer at age 48. My Dad was 21 at that time. My Dad always said every year he had after 48 was gravy. Jimmy Ross is an...
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Posted on April 08, 2011My nightmare began in the spring of 1999, with the shaking of my left pinky finger. I use to laugh it off, attributing it to our new local Starbucks. I'd say to my friends, "Hey look guys, me...
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Posted on April 21, 2011I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I will be 62 this year. Never in a million years would I believe that I would have a stroke and Parkinsonís disease. I was always so active, working out at...
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Posted on March 22, 2011I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 13 years ago. Part of that diagnosis was comment on my lack of facial expression, the infamous Parkinson's mask. I didn't think much about this until...
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Posted on March 18, 2011 I have Parkinsonís. I was diagnosed eleven years ago when I was 49. It was a tough reality for me, especially after I started learning about the disease and what it can do to a person. ...
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Posted on January 13, 2011By Lillian Gallego - I've had Parkinson's disease for 2 years. This is my story of how I am dealing with it and how my family is helping me cope through this tough time in my life. Not having...
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