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Share Your Story

Everyone's experience of living with Parkinson's is unique.  Here, real people living with Parkinson's share their stories about the challenges and joys of living with Parkinson's  - about adjusting to diagnosis, dealing with employment issues, finding the endeavors (academic, artistic or athletic) that are therapeutic to their symptoms and/or outlook...and more.

Your story, too, could inspire others whose lives have been affected by PD.  Share your story today.

Recent Stories

Posted on January 10, 2011By Alan D Busch In the first in a series of essays, Chicago writer Alan D. Busch examines the nature of the relationship between his Jewish faith and Parkinson's Disease with which he has...
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Posted on June 03, 2011by Alan Busch Author's note: This is the second in a series of articles about living with Parkinson's Disease from the point of view of a Jew of faith. The introductory piece: "Ben Zoma Says:...
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Posted on August 06, 2010I remember when my Father learned he had Parkinson's. He had just turned 75. We were very close and used to finish each other's sentences. I said, "Dad you know it's all about..."...
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Posted on June 10, 2010by Dale Preece Kelly I was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinsons about eight years ago. It started with a tremor in my hand - my thumb actually. I went to the doctor and had all of the tests....
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Posted on April 26, 2010by Joseph Hilferty I was diagnosed with early-onset PD some fifteen years ago and I had been showing symptoms since I was about 25. People often think that PD is "merely" a movement disorder....
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Posted on April 05, 2010by Chuck Pew I look OK, so nothing is wrong No one sees the shaking that embarrasses me so. They do not see the pain that is to move. They may wonder why Iím lazy and slow. But I look OK,...
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Posted on March 13, 2010by Nicky BlakeneyI first realized something was wrong with me in the fall of 1998. I began to avoid being with people. Things that I never noticed before started to make me very uncomfortable. ...
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Posted on February 17, 2010by Diane Durkee I see the stairs and I must go down Where will they take me? What lies ahead? I fear the unknown. What will I find? What will I see? I know I must go down. One step at a...
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Posted on December 31, 2009By Su Kas How often have we heard the refrain "Health is Wealth" and we say, huh uh, and continue going our merry way oblivious to the significance of those three words. That phrase is...
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Posted on December 29, 2009By Earl Love I was diagnosed with PD in June 2004. My Creative Outlet??? I had been making wine as a hobby since 1989 and my wife and I have now won both Texas and International awards with...
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