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Percent of dollars spent on our mission

PDF is committed to using your funds efficiently to support our mission. To see how funds are spent, browse our financial information.

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These are the individuals who work daily to carry out PDF’s efforts to find the causes of and a cure for Parkinson's while supporting those living with the disease.

Robin Anthony Elliott, M.A.
Chief Executive Officer

Research Programs

James Beck, Ph.D.
Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Kathleen Littlefield
Research Programs Assistant

Beth A. Vernaleo, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research Programs

National Programs

Megan Feeney, M.P.H.
Manager, National Programs

Karlin Schroeder, M.A.
Associate Director of National Programs

Ronnie Todaro, M.P.H.
Vice President, National Programs


Melissa Barry, M.A.
Director of Communications

Margaret DeJesus, M.S.
Communications Coordinator

Christiana Evers, M.P.A.
Vice President, Communications

Jessica Higgins
Communications Assistant

Jill McClure
Patient Services Manager

Linda Pituch
Senior Patient Services Manager

Special Initiatives

Eli Pollard, M.A.
Vice President, Special Initiatives

Lisa Hoffman, M.A.
Special Initiatives Project Manager

Valerie Holt
Executive Assistant and Special Initiatives Coordinator


Yasnahia Cortorreal
Vice President, Administration

Casey Gallagher
Administrative Assistant

Priscilla Lopez
Senior Receptionist

Robert Scharf
Director of Finance


Kelly Austin
Associate Director of Development 

Alba Cortorreal
Senior Donor Relations Coordinator

Candace Leeds
Director of Advancement and Donor Relations

Ashley Liebman
Development Assistant

Ann Loeb
Prospect Research Consultant

Russell Presgraves
Manager, Development and Data Systems