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Light of Day Foundation Challenge

Light of Day Challenge

Goal: $100,000

Raised: $47,987


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Dec 19 2013
PAN Alert: Tell Congress to Strengthen Federal Research Funding

Dec 18 2013
PAN Alert: Congress Passes Budget Agreement, 90-day Therapy Caps Exceptions Process Extension

Dec 17 2013
PAN Alert: VA Expands Benefits for Veterans with TBI and Parkinson's

Dec 11 2013
PAN Alert: Bipartisan Agreement is Possible

Dec 04 2013
PAN Alert: Medicare Therapy Caps: Time for a Permanent Fix

Nov 21 2013
Enter the Parkinsonís Awareness Month T-Shirt Design Contest

Nov 12 2013
PAN Alert: Learn About Medicare Coverage of Therapy Services on November 21

Nov 07 2013
PAN Alert: Tell the Budget Conference Committee to Tackle Parkinson's Priorities

Nov 04 2013
PAN Alert: 60 Days Until Medicare Coverage Barriers Take Effect

Oct 11 2013
PAN Alert: Government Shutdown Persists Over FY 2014 Spending Stalemate

Oct 03 2013
Making Parkinsonís Disease an International Health Priority

Oct 02 2013
World Parkinson Congress 2013 Opening Ceremony

Oct 01 2013
PAN Alert: Health Care Exchanges Open Nationwide Today

Sep 25 2013
Montrťal is "Parkinson's Ready" to Welcome the World Parkinson Congress

Sep 18 2013
NIH Approves High-priority Research Within BRAIN Initiative

Aug 26 2013
PDF Comments on Linda Ronstadt's Revelation of Parkinson's Diagnosis, Answers Your Questions

Aug 16 2013
PAN Alert: New Medicare Therapy Resource to Share with Your Physical Therapist and Other Providers

Jul 16 2013
PAN Alert: Strengthen the Voice of the Parkinsonís Community during August Recess

Jul 11 2013
PAN Alert: Help Repeal Medicare Coverage Barriers

Jun 14 2013
PAN Alert: Sustained Funding Secured for Innovative Research Program

May 23 2013
PAN Alert: Help Reduce Health Care Barriers for Veterans

May 21 2013
PAN Alert: NIH Announces Public Meetings to Discuss Cutting-Edge Research Initiative

Apr 26 2013
Parkinson's Awareness Month Recognized by US Senate and House, Advocates Educate in Local Communities

Apr 26 2013
US Senate and House of Representatives Recognize Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Apr 17 2013
Ask Your Senators to Support Parkinson's Research Funding!

Apr 09 2013
Ask your Representative to Support Critical Parkinson's Research!

Apr 03 2013
Rally to Support Research Funding!

Apr 02 2013
White House Announces BRAIN Initiative

Mar 21 2013
Congress Passes Legislation to Keep Government Funded

Feb 26 2013
Let Every Voice Count: Parkinson's Call-In Day

Feb 22 2013
How Much Does Parkinsonís Disease Cost? New IHS Report Indicates Burden on US Families

Feb 21 2013
$14.4 Billion Economic Burden of Parkinson's Disease Takes Toll on Families

Feb 06 2013
Parkinson's Call-in Day is Wednesday, February 27

Jan 31 2013
Deadline Approaching: Show Support for Veterans with Parkinson's

Jan 22 2013
Come to Washington, DC for the PAN Forum!

Jan 16 2013
Show Support for Veterans with Parkinson's

Jan 07 2013
Supreme Court Won't Hear Stem Cell Case: Victory for Patients and Science

Jan 03 2013
Fiscal Cliff Deal Fails to Protect Biomedical Research