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Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period is Now Open!

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) has received another important update from the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) about the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Annual Open Enrollment period:

From PAN:

Every year, all people with Medicare have the opportunity to enroll in or change their prescription drug plan, also known as Part D.  The Annual Enrollment Period for Part D opened October 15 and runs through December 7, 2012.  The costs and benefits of each plan vary from year to year, so it is important for beneficiaries to carefully review their options and make the best choices possible for the coming year.  Coverage begins for enrollees in January 2013. 

For more information on how to navigate the Annual Open Enrollment Period, we encourage you to check out "Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Annual Open Enrollment: Questions & Answers," a useful resource co-sponsored by Parkinson's Action Network (PAN) and distributed by Medicare Access for Patients Rx (MAPRx).  In addition, please visit for information about enrolling in or changing prescription drug plans.  Please feel free to forward this information to your friends and family so they are also aware of their Medicare Part D options.

PAN is the voice of the Parkinson's community in Washington, DC.  In fiscal year 2013, PDF is supporting PAN with a grant of $200,000.

Source Date: Oct 16 2012