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Help Expand Access to Biomedical Research Results!

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) has received another important update from the Parkinson’s Action Network (PAN) about biomedical research funding.

From PAN:

There is a new opportunity to weigh in with the White House about the importance of transparency in federally funded biomedical research and we need the Parkinson's community's support!

As you may know, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a Public Access Policy that requires all NIH-funded research results to be available on the internet no later than 12 months after publication.  This makes critical research information available to populations directly affected, including the Parkinson's community.  PAN supports extending a similar open-access policy to all federal agencies that fund scientific research.
To help accomplish this, a petition calling for public access to federally funded research has been posted to the White House's "We the People" site, which seeks input from members of the public through online petitions. 
While this issue has historically not been a top priority for PAN, it is still an important one.  We cannot let an opportunity to have the White House hear from communities that care about biomedical research be lost. 

We need your help.  White House staff will review and issue a response to the petition if at least 25,000 signatures are garnered by June 19.  Sign the petition by June 19 and ask your friends and family to do the same! 
Sign the petition now!

PAN is the voice of the Parkinson's community in Washington, DC.  In fiscal year 2012, PDF is supporting PAN with a grant of $200,000.

Source Date: Dec 31 1969