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Help Make Stem Cell Research a Priority This Fall

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) has received an update from the Parkinson's Action Network (PAN) about ways you can take action to support stem cell research.  Read the statement below and take action on the PAN website.

Over a week ago, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction halting all federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research (ESCR).  The Department of Justice has asked the court to stay the injunction.  The court’s decision on the stay is expected next week.   

While the court system is addressing this issue and we hope for success, the best guaranteed and permanent solution would be legislation.  Members of Congress are still back at home in their district and they need to hear from you about your support for embryonic stem cell research.  Congress must make legislation to fix this problem a priority this fall.

If you are attending a town hall meeting or community event over the Labor Day weekend or next week, please ask your Member of Congress:

As a member of the Parkinson’s community, I am looking to you to ensure that federal funding is restored for embryonic stem cell research.  Are you going to make embryonic stem cell research legislation a priority this fall so that this potential life-saving research can continue?
Not attending an event?  Please email your Members of Congress by clicking Take Action.

PAN is the voice of the Parkinson's community in Washington, DC. In 2010, PDF is supporting PAN with a grant of $200,000.

Source Date: Sep 02 2010