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Parkinsonís Quilt Project Launches!

Join Today and Help to Raise Awareness of Parkinson's

The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) is pleased to announce the launch the Parkinson’s Quilt Project - the first global quilt project to focus the world's attention on the nearly one million people in the US and more than 4.1 million people worldwide living with Parkinson's disease (PD).   The project aims to raise awareness of the impact that the disease has on people living with Parkinson's - along with their families, caregivers and friends - and our continued urgency to find a cure.

The Quilt will consist of panels calling attention to the Parkinson's cause and honoring persons living with Parkinson's.  PDF invites everyone affected by Parkinson's - people living with PD, caregivers, family members, friends and others - to contribute to the Quilt.  Participants can submit single panel or can instead design an entire section with family, friends or support group members. 

The Parkinson's Quilt will be displayed for the first time at the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland from September 28th through October 1, 2010.  After this initial showing, blocks of the Quilt will be available through 2011 for renting to display at PD events.  Details of this opportunity will be made available in 2010.

Those who are interested in the Quilt Project are encouraged to join online using the link below and to call PDF's toll-free number, (800) 457-6676, with any questions.

Join the Parkinson’s Quilt Project Today!

Support a Quilter!

This is just one way you can help to raise awareness of Parkinson's! Stay tuned for tips from PDF on raising awareness for Parkinson's Awareness Month - April 2010!

Source Date: Dec 03 2009