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Join Us Online or by Phone on Tuesday, November 17 for Tips on “How to Take Care of the Caregiver”

Join PDF, by phone or online, on Tuesday, November 17 at 1 PM ET, for How to Take Care of the Caregiver, the second in a six-part series of free interactive educational events designed for people living with Parkinson’s, family members and health professionals.

As part of PDF’s recognition of National Family Caregivers Month, this one-hour PD ExpertBriefing, led by Barbara Habermann, Ph.D., R.N., of Indiana University-Indianapolis, will share tips for care partners to people with Parkinson’s.

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Many people often say that Parkinson's affects more than the person living with the disease - it affects the entire family.  Care partners - whether they are a spouse, a child, a parent or a friend - can experience significant life changes when caring for a loved one living with PD.

Dr. Habermann will explore common emotional responses that Parkinson’s care partners may experience.  She will also identify signs of depression in the person with Parkinson’s and the care partner, point to specific areas where the partner may require help or assistance and let participants know about resources available to care partners.

How to Take Care of the Caregiver will be presented both as a webinar (web-based seminar) – where participants can watch a slideshow presentation online and hear an audio presentation either through their computer’s speakers or by calling a toll-free number – and as an audio-only presentation – for those who prefer to listen in by calling the toll-free number.

Participants joining the live session will have the opportunity to directly ask Dr. Habermann their own questions during the last 20-30 minutes of the presentation.  This PD ExpertBriefing will also be available on the PDF website for up to one year after the live event.

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Watch PDF’s First PD ExpertBriefing: Parkinson’s Disease and its Treatment: Secrets, Myths and Misconceptions

About PD ExpertBriefings and Other Online Programs

The PD ExpertBriefings Series is just one part of PDF’s Online Educational Programs, which are designed to provide people with PD, families and health professionals with first-hand access to the leaders in Parkinson's care and research.  PDF has launched these programs due to continuing demand from people with Parkinson’s and their families for up-to-date research information and practical advice for living with Parkinson’s.

PD ExpertBriefings is a six-part educational series, scheduled to run on an every-other-month basis from September 2009 and to June 2010.  See the full schedule by visiting our Upcoming Online Educational Events section.

In addition, PDF offers recordings of several past online educational events, including seven archived webcasts.  To watch past events from the comfort of your own home, please see our Past Online Educational Events.

This series has been made possible by educational grants from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Source Date: Oct 22 2009