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FRONTLINE Documentary about Parkinson's Airs Tuesday, February 3

My Father, My Brother and Me, a FRONTLINE documentary about Parkinson’s disease (PD) will air on PBS on Tuesday, February 3. 

The film produced by journalist Dave Iverson, explores Parkinson's from a personal perspective.  In 2004, Mr. Iverson received the same news that had been delivered to his father and older brother years earlier, he had Parkinson's disease.  In a FRONTLINE and ITVS joint production; he sets off on a personal journey to explore the scientific, ethical and political debate that surrounds Parkinson's.  Mr. Iverson talks to scientists studying PD and has conversations with fellow people with Parkinson's, including actor Michael J. Fox and writer Michael Kinsley.

The film will air on PBS on Tuesday, February 3 (please check your local listings for exact air times) and is also available to view online. 

To learn more about the program or watch online, please visit,

Source Date: Feb 02 2009