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PDF’s New Website: Share Your Thoughts!

You may have noticed that the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) website,, has undergone some changes.  In early October, we completed a website redesign and reorganization.  Do you have feedback for us?  Please let us know what you think by using our contact form or by emailing us at

We’d like to tell you a bit about the site and what it can offer the Parkinson’s community. The goal of this relaunch is to make the website easier to use for everyone — whether you are recently diagnosed, have been living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) for several years or are a caregiver, a health professional or a researcher.

On the new site, you can browse news articles on the latest scientific discoveries, read about PDF-funded researchers, download or order educational materials, or use the Ask the Expert online service to submit your questions about Parkinson’s directly to PDF’s information specialists.  
The site also offers a new section called “Living with Parkinson’s,” — developed with the advice of PDF’s People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council (PPAC).  This section offers tips on managing symptoms, saving on medications, seeking out complementary therapies and getting involved in clinical research.  Over the next few months, it will also begin to provide listings of valuable resources (such as, financial or legal assistance) — addressing the needs not only of people with PD, but also of family members and caregivers who may need support.

Additionally, the website now highlights PDF’s Creativity and Parkinson’s Project.  Visitors can browse a gallery of artwork — including paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry and sculpture — created by more than 220 people with Parkinson’s disease.  For a preview, see Nancy Grandoff’s article in the fall issue of PDF’s newsletter, News & Review, where she discusses ‘A Different Kind of Medicine’ — how she found hope and symptom relief through painting.  Her works, including her painting, Playful Turtles, are now available to view in the website’s gallery. 

With the new website, we will be doing our best to keep you updated on Parkinson’s disease science and  to support your life with Parkinson’s in a variety of ways.  We welcome your suggestions about the site’s design, new content, and updated tools like, ‘Ask the Expert’ and the artist gallery.

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Source Date: Oct 31 2008