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Stem Cell Action Alert :End of Year Momentum

"As the Congressional Year Comes To A Close CAMR Would Like To Thank You For Your Action and Update You On A Few Recent Events.

Just recently, we had two major victories, one at the state level in New Jersey and another at the global level in the United Nations. These victories represent significant victories in our on-going efforts to advance progressive medical research--research that can save lives; research we have been promoting for over two years.

With the stalemate in the Senate, it appears that much of the stem cell research-related legislation will be moving to the state level and not in the federal government. With your help, New Jersey passed A-2840, The Stem Cell Research Act, a bill that permits human embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning applications in New Jersey. Governor James McGreevey will sign this bill Sunday, January 4, 2004. We expect 2004 will have many states considering legislation on therapeutic cloning and we will contact you for help.

Another front on the cloning debate is in the United Nations, where the vote on a Costa Rican-sponsored and US-backed resolution for a total ban on cloning was recently delayed for a year. While this was a positive step, we will need your participation to educate members of the UN next year.

Additionally, CAMR sent a questionnaire to the major presidential candidates regarding embryonic stem cell research and somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). The questionnaire and responses are now posted on the website . You can help make stem cell research a major issue in the 2004 Election by contacting your local media through the CAMR website.

CAMR thanks YOU for your action throughout the past year! Every victory we have had is largely due to grassroots support. We hope to continue our momentum into 2004 and look forward to your continued involvement!

Have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season."

For more information, please visit our Web site,

Source Date: Dec 31 2003