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Do you want to know more about Parkinson's? PDF's materials provide information about symptoms, medications, resources & more.

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Parkinson's News

What do the latest science headlines mean for you?  See PDF's science news below - be sure to check the "What Does it Mean?" portion of each story to get the take from our team.  Browse community and PDF news for current activities in the Parkinson's community or information about our upcoming online seminars and more. 

Science News

Apr 29 2015
Setback for Diagnosis of Parkinsonís with Colonoscopy

Apr 29 2015
Progress for Potential Neuroprotective Therapy

Mar 04 2015
Breath Test Shows Promise for Distinguishing Parkinsonian Disorders

Community News

May 05 2015
PAN Alert: How Many Americans Have Parkinson's?

Apr 23 2015
PAN Alert: Senate Declares April 2015 Parkinson's Awareness Month

Apr 15 2015
PAN Alert: Two Votes Short

PDF in the News

Apr 30 2015
Lumpkin Resident to Host Concert Benefiting Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Apr 27 2015
Patients: They're at the Table Ė Itís About Time to Ask Them What Should be Served

Apr 26 2015
Hundreds Show Support for Those Battling Parkinson's

PDF Press Releases

Apr 30 2015
Third Annual Celebrate Spring Boston Raises More Than $53,000 to Benefit the Parkinsonís Disease Foundation

Apr 23 2015
Read the First Issue of npj Parkinsonís Disease: New Scientific Journal from PDF and Nature Publishing Group

Apr 23 2015
From the Blog: A.C. Weighs In: Can PD Researchers Study Apathy?