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Rachel: Why Iím Climbing a Mountain for My Mom

Parkinson's is a challenge for the people I love. So each summer for the past five years, I have set a challenge for myself and used it to make a difference through PDF Champions. Will you join me this summer?

My Story

My grandfather lived with Parkinson's and my mother currently struggles with it, so the fight against Parkinson's is close to my heart.

My family also instilled in me the importance of giving back. So when I sought out adventures each summer, I wanted to add meaning to them.

I started out in 2008 by climbing Mount Rainier, unsure of whether I could even raise $100 for PDF! Since then, I have cycled 468 miles across Iowa, run a half marathon in Philadelphia, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and cycled from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. This year, I'm climbing Mount Whitney in California.

I am humbled and inspired by the amount of support and encouragement I have received - these events have raised $10,000 for PDF!

Do you have to climb a mountain or raise thousands of dollars? No! Each PDF Champion uses his or her own talents. We have 12-year olds selling lemonade and hosting pasta dinners, and 65-year olds hosting concerts with string quartets - and everything in-between.

Plus, when you sign up, you get a veteran PDF Champion like me to help brainstorm tips for fundraising, like setting up your own webpage (see mine here).

I'm proud that my adventures have helped raise needed funds for Parkinson's research. Will you join me this summer?
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Rachel Isenberg
PDF Champion 2008-present

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