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Featured Researcher

Christopher Hess, M.D.

How does the brain cope with the changes of Parkinson’s disease? According Dr. Hess, Research Fellow at PDF's Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center, the answer may help us to understand PD and perhaps diagnose it earlier.

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Parkinson's Research Now: Request for Applications

I know that you are interested in furthering Parkinson's disease research. That is why this issue of Parkinson's Research Now includes details about the call for applications for PDF grant programs that open today, October 12. In addition, we also feature several recently published PDF-funded studies.

Request for Research Proposals

Help us advance Parkinson's science and speed new treatments for those living with the disease. We invite members of the scientific community to submit their creative ideas via PDF's investigator-initiated research programs. Applications open today for our International Research Grants and our Postdoctoral Fellowships programs.
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Brain Scan May Predict Course of Parkinson's Disease

Could a brain scan predict the course of Parkinson's? Researchers funded in part by PDF report in the September 15 issue of the journal Movement Disorders, that this could be the case.
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Newly Identified Protein May Help Damaged Dopamine Neurons Recover in Parkinson's Disease

In another PDF-funded study, Dr. Robert Burke and his colleagues at the PDF Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center, report in the August 15 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, that a newly identified protein can help damaged dopamine neurons to recover and resume their work in mice. In the future, could this provide a new strategy for treating Parkinson's disease?
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More Science News & Your Questions

I urge you to browse PDF's additional science news stories and to please always let us know about recent advances in your work by emailing If you are applying for PDF funding, please browse our FAQ or contact us if you have questions.
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