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ParkinsonLink: November is a Time to Recognize the PD Partnership

November is National Family Caregivers Month.  Join with PDF to recognize care partners, loved ones and the PD partnership.


Care Partnerships and “Missed” Communication

This November, during National Family Caregiver Month, partner with PDF to remember and support the millions of spouses, family members, friends and other loved ones, who are deeply affected by Parkinson’s.

More than half of care partners to people with Parkinson’s report that – in part because of dissatisfying communication with their loved one with Parkinson’s (PDF, 2006) – they are at times operating in a fairly high stress to very high stress environment.  In fact, because of certain symptoms of the disease, such as decreased facial movements or speech problems, people with Parkinson’s may have difficulty communicating and showing emotions and their partners may have trouble interpreting them.

So during this special month, browse our strategies for ways to raise awareness of the needs of care partners, to support a loved one or to strengthen your PD partnership.

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  • Save the date for PDF’s upcoming “What's Missing? Communication and the PD Partnership” online seminar on Tuesday, November 30 at 1:00 PM ET, led by Teresa Deshefy-Longhi, DN.Sc., R.N., of Fairfield University School of Nursing.  She will provide advice on how to tackle communication issues that may arise between you and your loved one in your PD partnership. You can join this event by watching online or by calling a toll-free number to listen in.  Look for registration later this month!


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  • Raise funds through a personal Champions webpage dedicated to your loved one.  Once you sign up, using our tools, you can include photos and personal stories and ask others to donate to your personal page.

 Find more tips for National Family Caregivers Month in PDF's community news.


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