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ParkinsonLink: What is the Big Picture for PD?

How can studies of thousands of people help us to find clues about Parkinson's? How can you make traveling easier, especially in light of recent media headlines? In the winter issue of PDF News & Review, get the latest from our team on these topics and more.

The Big Picture: Studying Populations to Understand Parkinson's

Dr. Beate Ritz says that studying populations can help us to understand, treat and — in the long run — prevent many health conditions, including Parkinson's. But we need better information. How can we all help?
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Traveling with Parkinson's: Communicating Your Needs

Did you see last summer's story about a passenger with Parkinson's who was mistaken for being intoxicated before boarding a flight? It compelled members of our People with Parkinson's Advisory Council (PPAC), to share their insights with you on traveling with PD.
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PD Take 3: How Can I Lessen my Risk of Falls?

Find tips and tools from the PD team — a doctor, physical therapist and occupational therapist — on this important question.
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