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Light of Day Foundation Challenge

Light of Day Challenge

Goal: $100,000

Raised: $43,232


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Do you want to know more about Parkinson's? PDF's materials provide information about symptoms, medications, resources & more.

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Past E-Newsletters

April 6: Medication Side Effects: Can We Stop Them?

April 1: Let's Start Raising Awareness Today!

March 31: Why Bob is Matching $100,000 in Donations for PD Research

March 26: Get Ready to Raise Awareness!

March 14: Celebrate Spring in Boston on Friday, April 11!

March 13: Celebrate Spring in NYC on Wednesday, April 2!

March 6: Managing the Motor Symptoms

February 27: Advice from the Pros: How To Make a Difference This April

February 22: From Karen: Why Last Month’s PD ExpertBriefing Was Valuable to Me

February 11: From Stephanie: Photos from Tequila & Tapas!

February 6: Vote for the 2014 Parkinson's Awareness Month T-Shirt

January 30: Does Genetic PD Progress More Slowly?

January 23: The Doctor is in ... Your Living Room?

January 16: Get Warm with Tequila & Tapas in Closter, NJ

January 9: What Does the Dentist Have to Do With It?

January 4: From Howard: Meeting the Challenge

December 31: Last Chance to 2x Your Donation

December 26: Why Share Our Stories?

December 19: Will You Invest in the End of Parkinson's?

December 12: We're in This Together

December 5: My Dad, My Stake in the Cure

November 29: What's Your Stake in the Cure?

November 21: Creativity & the Cure

November 14: My Partner Has PD: Now What?

November 1: Care Partners Are Essential

October 26: Help Change Research

October 24: Donate Each Month & Enjoy a Cup of Chock full o’Nuts!

October 10: Parkinson's Research Now: Making Invisible Symptoms Visible

October 4: From Linda: Energy at World Parkinson Congress

September 30: Tell Us Your PD Research Priority

September 26: Is the Next PD Drug Already Here?

September 6: Let's Talk About Sex and Parkinson's

August 30: Will You Meet Me in Montreal?

August 22: Parkinson's Research Now: Looking for the Next Big Idea in Parkinson’s

August 16: Video: Parkinson’s is a Family Affair

August 8: Results! Meet the Artist Behind the Winning Calendar Cover

August 2: Vote for the 2014 Creativity & Parkinson’s Calendar Cover

July 25: Rachel: Why I'm Climbing a Mountain for My Mom

July 18: Parkinson’s Research Now: Surprising Treatment Options

July 11: This Summer, Join the Conversation

June 28: From Fred: Research to Improve Our Lives

June 21: PD Experts Needed, That Means You

June 13: Send a PDF eCard This Father's Day

June 6: The Cure Began With Bill & Continues With You

May 30: Is Your Voice Heard?

May 25: Parkinson's Research Now: Treatments Under Trial

May 18: What Do You Want to Learn About?

May 16: What's True and What's Not? Demystifying Hallucinations, Night Terrors and Dementia

May 9: Send a PDF eCard this Mother's Day

May 4: Will You Share Your Advice

May 2: From Bob: Thank You for Making a Difference

April 30: We Have Until Midnight to Meet the Challenge

April 25: Kate Invites You to Join the Fight Against Parkinson's

April 20: Power of the Pen for Parkinson's

April 18: Video: Bob's Reasons for Raising Awareness

April 13: Your Photos of Parkinson's Awareness in Action

April 4: Have You Accepted Bob's Challenge?

April 4: What's in the PD Pipeline? Find Out Next Tuesday

April 1: How Will You Make a Difference This April?

March 28: Will You Accept Bob's Challenge?

March 21: ParkinsonLink: Why Are My Symptoms Different Than Yours?

March 15: ParkinsonLink: How Can We Make a Difference This April?

March 9: You're Invited: Spring is Coming! Celebrate in NY and Boston

March 2: You're Invited: Is My Symptom Related to Parkinson's Disease?

February 28: Parkinson's Research Now: What Should You Know About DBS and ICDs?

February 7: Will You Be A Champion?

January 24: Video from Marisa: In Honor of My Grandfather

January 17: What is the Big Picture for PD?

January 12: What's Your New Years Resolution?

January 5: You're Invited: Can Falls Be Prevented in Parkinson's Disease?

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