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What's Missing? Communication and the PD Partnership

Originally presented on November 30, 2010
Led by Teresa Deshefy-Longhi, DN.Sc., R.N.

Because of certain symptoms of PD, such as decreased facial movements or speech problems, people with Parkinson’s may have difficulty communicating and showing emotions and their partners may have trouble interpreting them.  In this hour-long seminar, "What's Missing? Communication and the PD Partnership," Teresa Deshefy-Longhi, DN.Sc., R.N., of Fairfield University in Connecticut, provides tips on tackling communication issues that may arise between a person with PD and his or her care partner. 

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Goals for Participants:

  • Provide an understanding of the importance of nonverbal communication in daily life with Parkinson’s.
  • Share insight into the potential impact(s) of the disease on nonverbal communication between people with PD and their care partners.
  • Discuss the possible effect(s) of reduced nonverbal communication on the relationship between the person with Parkinson’s and the health care provider.
  • Review strategies for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners to work around reduced nonverbal communication abilities when communicating with one another, or with family and friends.
  • Review strategies for PD health care providers to work around reduced nonverbal communication abilities of their PD patients.


Teresa Deshefy-Longhi, presented at a Parkinson's Disease Foundation PDExpertBriefing

Teresa Deshefy-Longhi, DN.Sc., R.N.

Teresa Deshefy-Longhi, DN.Sc., R.N., is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT.  Her research focuses on exploring nonverbal communication skills amongst couples living with mid to advanced stage Parkinson’s.  She completed her doctorate in nursing at Yale University and completed a two-year fellowship at Duke University Medical Center.


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