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Saturday, April 20 - Tuesday, April 23

Parkinson's Display Quilt

(Fairfield, CT)


Saturday, April 20

PAIR Up for PD Research
(Denver, CO)

Saturday, April 20 -Sunday April 21 

PDF Champions: Shake, Rattle and Crawl
(Marble Falls, TX)


Thursday, April 25

PDF Champions: Zumba for Parkinson's

(University Center, MI)


Friday, April 26
Celebrate Spring
(Boston, MA)

Sunday, April 28

PDF Champions: Walkway Over the Hudson

(Poughkeepsie, NY)


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Power of the Pen for Parkinson's

Around the country, your letters to the editors in local newspapers are ensuring that communities get the message about Parkinson's Awareness Month. Use the real-life examples below for inspiration for your own letter or article!

There's Still Time to Write a Letter

You can make a difference in the media by writing a simple letter to the editor like the ones featured below. How do you begin?

  • Make it Short and Sweet: Use PDF's template as a start, by clicking here. Copy and paste the message from this template into a document, and then insert your own details. 
  • Make It Personal: No one can tell your story about Parkinson's better than you. Whether you live with Parkinson's yourself or have a loved one or patients who live with Parkinson's, your perspective matters.
  • Include Facts and Figures: Provide context about Parkinson's disease. For instance, include the fact that nearly one million Americans are living with Parkinson's. Feel free to cite the PDF's facts and figures, available on our downloadable fact sheet here or on our statistics webpage here.
  • Give Readers an Action: If your neighbors want more information, what should they do next? Provide PDF's website, or our toll-free HelpLine number, (800) 457-6676, or contact information for your local PD support group.

Get More Tips from PDF

See Template Letter 

Real Letters

Angie's Letter (West Virginia)
Angie's personal story about her husband's young onset diagnosis makes a compelling story in this letter, which was featured in several local papers including The Morgan Messenger. Tip: provide an action item, like Angie did with 'Wear Grey Day.'

Read More

Rich's Special Column (Florida)
PDF Research Advocate Rich has a regular pharmacy column in the Citrus County Chronicle, so he dedicated his April column to PD! Tip: know a local reporter or columnist? Ask them to do a timely April feature on PD with your help.

Read More

Linda and Phil on the BRAIN Initiative (California and North Carolina)
PDF Research Advocates Linda and Phil were writing letters to the editor anyway. But President Obama's announcement of the $100 Brain Initiative re-focused their plans. Tip: Use local or national current events as a springboard to focus people's attention on Parkinson's Awareness Month.

Read Phil's Column

Read Linda's Column

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PDF's work in Parkinson's research, education and advocacy is made possible by your contributions. Make a donation today to support our mission. Thank you for your generosity.
If you have or believe you have Parkinson’s disease, then promptly consult a physician and follow your physician’s advice. This email is not a substitute for a physician’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or for a physician’s prescription of drugs, treatment or operations for Parkinson’s.