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PDF Press Releases

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Sep 22 2014
From the Blog: Whatís In a Number? PDF Parkinsonís Prevalence Project

Sep 19 2014
PDF Champion to Cycle for 24 Hours Straight to Benefit Parkinsonís Research on September 19-20

Sep 15 2014
From the Blog: How OT Can Improve Daily Life with PD

Sep 09 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Announces Newest Series of Community-Driven Online Seminars

Sep 03 2014
PDF Research Advocate Hosts Golf Outing for Parkinsonís Research on Monday, September 15

Aug 21 2014
From the Blog: Robin Williams, PD and Depression

Aug 20 2014
Understanding Suicide and Parkinsonís Disease: PDF Response to Questions Regarding Suicide Risk and Medications for Parkinson's

Aug 15 2014
From the Blog: Creativity and the Parkinsonís Mind

Aug 14 2014
Resources on Depression and PD: PDF Response to News of Robin Williams' Diagnosis with Disease

Aug 14 2014
From the Blog: Advocate Perspective on Colorado Patient-Centered Research Initiatives

Aug 05 2014
PDF Champion to Hike Nearly 5,000 Feet to the Top of Half Dome in CA for Parkinsonís Research on Tuesday, August 26

Jul 30 2014
Hamilton College Student to Run Half Marathon in NY for Parkinsonís Research in Honor of Grandfather on Sunday, August 24

Jul 24 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Awards $1.3 Million in Research Grants to Help Solve, Treat and End Parkinson's Disease

Jul 01 2014
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Announces New Advisory Council Members

Jun 11 2014
PDF Champion to Run First Marathon in MN for Parkinsonís Research in Honor of Father and Brother-in-Law on Saturday, June 21

May 19 2014
Bal du Printemps Honors Nationally Revered Parkinsonís Doctor

May 12 2014
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Honors Nationally Revered Parkinsonís Doctor with its Lifetime Achievement Award

May 01 2014
High School ROTC Navy Cadet to Host 5K Run for Parkinsonís Research on Saturday, May 10 in Colts Neck, NJ

Apr 17 2014
PDF Research Advocate Partners with 21 Local Libraries in IL for Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Apr 17 2014
PDF Champions to Host Third Annual Parkinsonís Walk for a Cure in Circleville, OH, on Saturday, April 26

Apr 04 2014
Celebrate Spring New York Raises More Than $90,000 for Parkinson's Research

Apr 03 2014
PDF Research Advocates Partner with Local Libraries in TN for Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Apr 01 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Urges Communities to Recognize April as Parkinson's Awareness Month

Mar 31 2014
Family to Host Pucks for Parkinsonís Fundraiser in Abington, MA, in Memory of Father on Saturday, April 12

Mar 28 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Announces $20,000 in Grant Funding for Patient-Centered Research to Speed New Treatments

Mar 27 2014
PDF Champion Hosts Second Annual Parkinsonís Smokeout in Honor of Friend From Thursday, April 3 to Saturday, April 5 in Evansville, IN

Mar 24 2014
Abingdon Knights of Columbus and PDF Research Advocate in MD Raise $3,100 for Parkinson's Research

Mar 20 2014
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation to Host Celebrate Spring Boston on Friday, April 11 at The Liberty Hotel

Mar 13 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Announces $30,000 in Grant Funding to Study Fatigue and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Mar 07 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Calls Upon Research Professionals to Engage Patient Advocates in Speeding Drug Development

Mar 03 2014
Minnesota Research Advocate's Design Wins Parkinsonís Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest

Feb 27 2014
PDF Champion to Run NYC Half Marathon for Parkinsonís Research in Memory of Mother on Sunday, March 16

Feb 23 2014
From the Blog: Northera Approved by the FDA

Feb 20 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation to Host Annual Bal du Printemps Gala on Wednesday, May 14 in New York

Feb 19 2014
The Winner of PDFís 2014 Parkinson's Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest isÖ

Jan 29 2014
Five Leading Regional Parkinson's Organizations, Supported by the Parkinson's Disease Foundationģ, Announce Collaborative Alliance

Jan 24 2014
Parkinson's Disease Foundation to Host Celebrate Spring New York on Wednesday, April 2

Jan 23 2014
Tequila & Tapas Event Raises More Than $20,000 for Parkinson's Research

Jan 07 2014
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation to Host Tequila & Tapas Event for Parkinsonís Research on Wednesday, January 22