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Dec 23 2013
Help Guide PDF's Work, Apply to Our Advisory Council by Friday, January 31

Dec 23 2013
From the Blog: Saving Basic Research, Saving Future Cures

Dec 12 2013
Eleventh Annual Music for Parkinson's Concert Raises $40,000 for Research

Nov 26 2013
From the Blog: FDA's Letter on Genetic Testing

Nov 20 2013
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Announces Appointment of New Board Members

Nov 15 2013
From the Blog: Care Partner Team Interviews

Nov 13 2013
Internationally Acclaimed String Quartet and Award Winning Poet to Perform at 11th Annual Music for Parkinson's Concert on Sunday, December 8 in Rye

Nov 08 2013
From the Blog: Creatine Cracks Under Pressure

Nov 01 2013
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Calls Upon Care Partners to Help Find the Cure For Parkinsonís

Oct 24 2013
VIDEO: PDF Leadership Talks about the Fight Against PD with Privcap

Sep 30 2013
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Launches Community Choice Research Award

Sep 27 2013
Keep up with PDF at the World Parkinson Congress in Montreal!

Sep 26 2013
From the Blog: Is TV Ready for Parkinson's?

Sep 06 2013
PDF Research Advocate Living with Parkinsonís to Run 10k with Family, Raise Funds for Parkinsonís Research on Sunday, October 27

Aug 20 2013
From the Blog: Old Drugs Ė New Cures?

Jul 31 2013
From the Blog: BigBrain - What Does It Mean?

Jul 24 2013
PDF Champion to Climb Mount Whitney in CA for Parkinsonís Research on Sunday, August 25

Jul 22 2013
Page Morton Black, Parkinsonís Disease Philanthropist and Widow of Chock full oíNuts Founder, Dies in her Late 90s

Jul 17 2013
Share Your Feedback, Help Guide Next PD ExpertBriefing

Jul 16 2013
From the Blog: Righting the Clinical Research "Enterprise"

Jun 28 2013
PDF Champion to Swim Across Lake Belle Taine in Honor of Mother to Benefit Parkinsonís Research, on Saturday, July 6

Jun 27 2013
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Awards $1 Million to Help Reveal Causes, Advance Therapies and End Parkinsonís

Jun 21 2013
From the Blog: Expression vs. Insensitivity: A Message to Kanye West from a Person with Parkinsonís

Jun 19 2013
Parkinsonís Disease Foundation Announces New Leadership

May 21 2013
Bal du Printemps Honors Supporters, Raises $675,000 for Research

May 10 2013
Student to Kayak the Muskegon River for Parkinsonís Research, Beginning on Wednesday, May 15

May 01 2013
PDF Champion to Run 350 Miles Across Michigan for Parkinsonís Research, Beginning on Friday, May 3

Apr 30 2013
From the Blog: Parkinson's Isn't Newsworthy ... Until It Personally Touches You

Apr 26 2013
High School Student in CT Inspires Classmates to Fight Parkinsonís Disease

Apr 22 2013
From the Blog: The Challenge of Research Funding

Apr 16 2013
Texas Business Owners to Host ďShake, Rattle and CrawlĒ for Parkinsonís on Saturday, April 20 through Sunday April 21

Apr 10 2013
Teacher in NY Inspires Second Graders to Make a Difference this April for Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Apr 04 2013
From the Blog: Parkinson's and the President: Will the BRAIN Initiative Include Patient Advocates?

Apr 04 2013
Advocate Partners with IN Library System to Kick Off Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Apr 03 2013
Celebrate Spring New York Raises $80,000 for Parkinson's Research

Apr 02 2013
PDF Comments on BRAIN Initiative: Promising for Scientific Discovery and People with Parkinson's Disease

Apr 01 2013
Parkinson's Disease Foundation Asks, How Will You Make A Difference During Parkinsonís Awareness Month?

Mar 29 2013
Student in CA to Host Pasta for Parkinsonís on Saturday, April 6

Mar 29 2013
High School Softball Teams Pitch in for Parkinsonís Awareness Month on Tuesday, April 9

Mar 12 2013
Young Onset Designer from Arkansas Wins PDF's Parkinsonís Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest

Mar 07 2013
Celebrate Spring with PDF in New York and Boston

Mar 06 2013
PDF Champion in Hot Springs to Hold Bass Tournament for Parkinsonís on Saturday, March 16

Feb 26 2013
Hernando Pharmacist to PAIR Up with FDA to Fight Parkinsonís Disease

Feb 07 2013
And the Winner is...

Feb 05 2013
Blog: A Positive Spin: Creativity and PD

Feb 02 2013
PDF Hosts CARNAVAL, Festive Evening Raises $40,000 for Parkinson's Research

Jan 16 2013
Blog: What Makes Us Distinctive? The PDF Way

Jan 11 2013
Run the Scenic Big Sur International Marathon with PDF Champions

Jan 10 2013
PDF Hosts CARNAVAL at Slate on Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 02 2013
Fiscal Cliff Legislation Allows IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts Until Thursday, January 31