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Ending Parkinson's

By empowering leaders who multiply our investment, PDF empowers the community to work together to solve, treat and end Parkinson's. 

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The Winner of PDF’s 2014 Parkinson's Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest is…

"You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson’s" Will Be Featured on PDF's Parkinson's Awareness Month T-Shirt

Your votes have been heard! The Parkinson's Disease Foundation is proud to announce that Design #4, “You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson’s,” by Ruth Lotzer of Bloomington, MN, will be featured on its 2014 Parkinson's Awareness Month t-shirt.

Ms. Lotzer, a retired kindergarten teacher, lives with young onset Parkinson’s disease. She has been active in the cause ever since her diagnosis at age 42 in 2002. In addition to volunteering as a PDF Research Advocate, she uses her creativity to make crafts and pins for Parkinson’s awareness. She says she saw PDF’s t-shirt contest as another outlet to inspire others, especially by keeping her tulip design simple.

“I want people to know that getting involved in the fight against Parkinson’s doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to be famous or be a big shot. Anyone can do it! Find what you like to do best and do it for PD,” says Ms. Lotzer.

In recognition of April as Parkinson's Awareness Month, PDF accepted design submissions from people touched by Parkinson's throughout the US for our annual Parkinson's Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest. A panel of volunteer judges then narrowed down the submissions to five designs.

Thank you to the nearly 3,000 of you who voted online and selected Design #4, "You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Parkinson’s."

T-shirts are now available for pre-order on PDF's online store. Please allow up to eight weeks for your shirt to arrive. They will be complimentary at PDF’s booth at the Parkinson's Unity Walk on Saturday, April 26, in New York, NY.

PDF congratulates Ms. Lotzer on her winning design, which will help to raise awareness of Parkinson's disease and funds for research. For more information on how you can make an impact this April for Parkinson’s Awareness Month, contact PDF at, (800) 457-6676 or visit PDF’s online store for Awareness materials.

Pre-order the Awareness T-Shirt and 2014 Toolkit

Source Date: Feb 19 2014