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Ending Parkinson's

By empowering leaders who multiply our investment, PDF empowers the community to work together to solve, treat and end Parkinson's. 

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Press Releases

PDF Announces Closing of PDtrials, First Clinical Trials Portal for Parkinson's Community

PDtrials site closesThe Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) would like to let you know that the website will be closing as of today.
Since 2004, this project, led by the Parkinson's Disease Foundation in collaboration with national Parkinson's organizations, has helped thousands of people learn about study participation and provided regular updates on Parkinson's research to more than 6,500 email subscribers. It has been our pleasure to provide you with this resource over the years. 

If we can be of assistance please contact the PDtrials coordinator, David Blomquist, at

For more information on this change and others in PDF's clinical trials advancement work, please see PDF's earlier announcement from March 2012. We also encourage use the resources listed below to learn more about getting involved in Parkinson's research.

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National Institutes of Health

This website offers a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. This service of the National Institutes of Health provides patients, family members and the general public with current information about specific clinical studies as well as general information about the clinical trials.

Fox Trial Finder
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Fox Trial Finder is a web-based clinical trial matching tool to connect those with and without Parkinson's disease to Parkinson's clinical research opportunities that urgently need their participation. After volunteers input information about themselves (such as zip code, date of birth, and brief medical history), Fox Trial Finder provides trial match suggestions. Fox Trial Finder also provides the opportunity for volunteers to connect directly with trial coordinators through a secure messaging interface on the site. Register for Fox Trial Finder today to play a part in accelerating recruitment into PD clinical research!

NIH Clinical Research Trials and You

National Institutes of Health

NIH Clinical Research Trials and You is an online resource to help people learn more about clinical trials, why they matter and how to participate. Visitors to the website will find information about:

  • The basics of clinical trial participation;
  • First hand experiences from actual clinical trial volunteers;
  • Explanations from researchers; and
  • Links on how to search for a trial or enroll in a research matching program.

Parkinson's Advocates in Research
Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Parkinson's Advocates in Research is dedicated to bringing educated community voices to important issues in Parkinson's research by offering in-person trainings and an online course that provides people with Parkinson's and care partners with the scientific knowledge and leadership skills needed to influence research and speed the development of new treatments. A national network of PDF Research Advocates collaborate with peers, research professionals, government agencies and private industry to bring their unique perspectives and insights to research. Learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference!

Source Date: Jul 03 2012