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Parkinsonís Experts Present on ďThe Promise of Science, The Power of the Individual,Ē on Tuesday, May 10 in NYC

On Tuesday, May 10, three leading Parkinson’s disease (PD) clinicians, in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) will present a seminar discussing a paradigm shift – “from patient to partner” – in Parkinson’s care and disease management. The seminar and luncheon, “Parkinson’s Disease: The Promise of Science, The Power of the Individual,” will take place at The Pierre Hotel in New York City from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM and is available online for those who cannot attend.

Although promising research is being conducted to better understand Parkinson’s, there is currently no cure. As this vital research continues, it has become important to combine the breakthroughs offered by medicine with practical strategies shown to improve an individual’s disease management. Moderator Stanley Fahn, M.D., of Columbia University and his colleagues – J. William Langston, M.D., Founder of the Parkinson’s Institute and Care Center in Sunnyvale, CA, and Lisa M. Shulman, M.D., Professor of Neurology and Co-Director, Maryland Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center in Baltimore, MD – will address both pieces of this care paradigm for an audience of people affected by the disease, care partners and health care professionals.

In the “The Promise of Science,” Dr. Langston will share his insights about the future directions and trends of Parkinson’s research, including new ways of looking at the disease, the possibility of using new technologies to screen individuals for Parkinson’s before symptoms develop, and potential pathways to slow or even halt Parkinson’s disease. In “The Power of the Individual,” Dr. Shulman will share the other half of the disease-management puzzle, referencing studies that emphasize the benefits of shared decision-making between people living with Parkinson’s and their health professionals and covering the benefits of regular exercise for those living with the disease.

Robin Elliott, Executive Director of PDF, said, “PDF believes that the people with Parkinson’s are instrumental to all the solutions we seek – whether those solutions are about the science we need to find the cure, or the health care we need to ease the symptoms and improve the quality of life among people with Parkinson’s. For this reason, we focus our educational seminars on subjects that people have told us are important to them and their families. In this seminar, we examine both the science and care of Parkinson’s, as seen and practiced through the experience and expertise of two of the most eminent and imaginative scientists working in the world today.”

Registration for the in-person event is $25 per person and includes lunch. RSVP by contacting PDF at (212) 923-4700 or Those interested in participating in the seminar for free online may visit to register.

About Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly one million people in the US. Although promising research is being conducted, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s.

About the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) is a leading national presence in Parkinson’s disease research, education and public advocacy. We are working for the nearly one million people in the US who live with Parkinson’s by funding promising scientific research while supporting people living with Parkinson’s through educational programs and services. Since its founding in 1957, PDF has dedicated over $85 million to fund the work of leading scientists throughout the world and over $34 million to support national education and advocacy programs.


Source Date: May 06 2011