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Educational Parkinsonís Symposium Encourages People to ďTake ChargeĒ

On Saturday, April 4, 2009, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) and Houston Area Parkinson Society (HAPS) will host an educational symposium, entitled, “Taking Charge of Your Parkinson’s” at the United Way in Houston, TX.  

The event will provide people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), their families and health professionals with the most up-to-date information about actions that may improve daily life with Parkinson’s. 

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The symposium faculty includes Julie H. Carter, R.N., M.S., A.N.P., of Oregon Health and Science University, who will discuss both creative activities, such as painting and drawing, and exercise.  Giselle Petzinger, M.D., of University of Southern California, will further expand upon this topic, presenting her research into whether exercise can actually change areas of the brain impacted by PD.  Gammon M. Earhart, Ph.D., P.T., of Washington University School of Medicine and Concetta Tomaino, D.A., MT-BC, LCAT., of Beth Abraham Family of Health Services, will address, respectively, the benefits of dance and music therapy for people with Parkinson’s.

Anne Thobae, Executive Director of HAPS, notes, “We are pleased that this event will feature leaders in Parkinson’s research and clinical care, who can provide practical tools for people in our area who are living with Parkinson’s.”
PDF Executive Director, Robin Elliott notes, “PDF and HAPS believe that by working together on this educational event, we can bring the best information to the community about a topic of great interest to people living with Parkinson’s.  In addition to being informative, the symposium will also be interactive, bringing together those at the forefront of studying Parkinson’s and those living with the disease on a daily basis.”

This event is nearly sold out, but it is also available online via free webcast. To attend in-person or watch online, please visit or call HAPS at (713) 626-7114.
About Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly one million people in the US.  Although promising research is being conducted, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease. 
About the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF)
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) is a leading national presence in Parkinson's disease research, education and public advocacy.  We are working for the nearly one million people in the US living with Parkinson’s by funding promising scientific research and supporting people with Parkinson’s, their families and caregivers through educational programs and support services.  Since its founding in 1957, PDF has funded over $75 million worth of scientific research in Parkinson’s disease, supporting the work of leading scientists throughout the world.

About Houston Area Parkinson Society
Houston Area Parkinson Society (HAPS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “improve the quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s disease through services, education and advocacy.” HAPS provides week¬ly exercise, water and speech therapy sessions under the supervision of licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists, as well as tai chi, tango, dance and meditation groups. Additionally, HAPS provides caregiver, young onset, newly diagnosed, post DBS surgery support groups and newly diagnosed educational programs under the guidance of licensed social workers. Social services, transportation, emergency aid, annual symposia and a monthly newsletter are among the other services offered free of charge.


Source Date: Mar 24 2009