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Runner for Parkinsonís Disease Spotted in Rockford

Promoting awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and raising funds for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation is a cause dear to Roger Bonga’s heart. His grandmother suffered from the disease. In an effort to accomplish his goals, Bonga is running the length of the state. His journey began with a fundraiser event on support April 27th at Karl’s Cuisine, a Sault Ste. Marie café and winery. Bonga was thrilled with the outcome, “Events at the winery were a great testament to what caring people our friends and customers are. With their help, we raised $1,750, all of which will be donated to PDF.”

Roger’s run started from a parking lot across from the locks, where he started his 10-day run well fortified with a turkey sandwich “to go” from Karl’s. Other businesses along his route stepped up with offers of food and services as well. Aside from such generous donations, Roger paid out of his own pocket for all accommodations and food with 100 percent of money raised from this event and the Cascade Winery event going directly to benefit the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

Along the route, Roger’s daily distances varied from 34 to 44 miles. Some accommodations were with friends along the way, and on the days when he was near Grand Rapids, family members pick him up after the day’s run, take him home and then drive him back to the place he reached the evening before.

Although press coverage was by no means guaranteed, Roger promised that his friends and followers of his long-distance effort would be able to check his RRAM Facebook page for posts and photos.

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Source Date: May 16 2013
Source Publication: Rockford Squire
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