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2013ís Super Women

By Colleen Patrice Clark and Amanda Hamm Hengel

You don’t have to look far to find a strong woman in South Jersey. From philanthropic business leaders who donate and raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes, to those who demonstrate tremendous civic pride in an effort to better our local communities, we are surrounded by wonderful ladies deserving of the recognition they’d never ask for.

After receiving hundreds of nominations, here we introduce you to 29 Super Women, including a salon owner who takes her elderly clients to their doctors’ appointments, a former WNBA player and author who started a confidence-building foundation for young girls, and this year’s Woman of the Year—a nurse credited with helping dozens of area families cope after confronting their greatest fear, losing a child.

Super Women 2013

Lori Katz

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in March of 2005, Katz did not take the diagnosis sitting down. Instead, she hit the ground running, doing everything she could to educate herself and others about the disease. Since then, this Cherry Hill resident has become a nationally known face for the cause. In addition to volunteering at the Parkinson’s Movement Disorders Center (PDMDC) at Pennsylvania Hospital, she founded the Patient Advisory Council at PDMDC, sponsors a team for the annual Stamp Out Parkinson’s Walk in Philadelphia, is a research advocate for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, and helped establish a Dance for Parkinson’s program at Virtua and the William G. Rohrer Center for HealthFitness in Voorhees. She also started an e-newsletter providing information about events, activities and programs for people coping with PD, has advocated for political support in Washington, DC, and in 2012 was named a Parkinson’s Superstar by the National Parkinson’s Foundation.

To view the complete list, visit South Jersey Magazine.

Source Date: Oct 11 2013
Source Publication: South Jersey Magazine
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