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Baton Rouge Advocate Partners with Library System to Kick Off Parkinsonís Awareness Month

Baton Rouge, LA, resident Carol
 Harrison is partnering with her local library system during April,
 Parkinson’s Awareness Month, to make it an even greater resource of 
information for people living with Parkinson’s. During the month of
 April, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library System will offer free
 educational materials about the disease and hold two roundtable
 discussions designed for people affected by Parkinson’s.

Each year, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) encourages 
people to find creative ways to make a difference during April. Ms.
 Harrison, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2003 at the age of
 57, already volunteers with the organization as a PDF Research 
Advocate. In this role, she focuses on educating the public about 
science and clinical studies. For April, she decided to partner with 
PDF and local libraries to help educate the community about her 

The main library and each of the 12 branches of the East Baton Rouge 
Parish Library System will feature Parkinson’s awareness displays,
 offering free PDF posters and educational materials. People living
 with Parkinson’s or caregivers affected by it can attend roundtable
 discussions on Thursday, April 5 and Thursday, April 26, from 12:00 PM 
to 2:00 PM at the Main Library on Goodwood Boulevard.

The roundtable discussions are organized by members of the Bluebonnet
 Parkinson’s Disease Support Group and the Movers and Shakers of Baton
Rouge Support Group. The discussions are designed to be interactive.

“I want people who are touched by Parkinson’s to be able to ask 
questions and share their experiences in order to discover ways to
live well with this disease,” Ms. Harrison says.

Robin Elliott, Executive Director of PDF, said “At PDF, we are 
inspired by creative and dedicated individuals like Ms. Harrison who
 are finding ways to make a difference in the fight against

Those interested in learning more about Ms. Harrison’s roundtable 
discussions and Baton Rouge library displays or ordering free 
educational materials such as PDF’s toolkit, 30 Ways to Raise
 Awareness of Parkinson’s, may contact the Parkinson’s Disease 
Foundation by calling (800) 457-6676 or emailing

Source Date: Apr 09 2012
Source Publication: Baton Rouge Today
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