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Quilter Sends Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

April is a time of the year when signs of new life appear.  It is a hopeful time of year.

April is also PARKINSON’S AWARENESS MONTH with the red tulip being Parkinson’s sign of HOPE.

Parkinson’s Disease is chronic and progressive for which there is no known cure.  Because it affects more than one million Americans (myself included), I feel it is imperative to help educate my community of family and friends about this disease.

During the first week of April, PARKINSON’S AWARENESS MONTH, a quilt will be hanging in Peabody, Massachusetts, City Hall   This quilt includes panels made by those whose life has been touched by this disease (one panel was made by me)

It is my hope that people will stop by Peabody City Hall, during the week of April 4th to view this quilt, to educate themselves regarding Parkinson’s Disease, and to show their support to those of us who live with Parkinson’s Disease every day.

Diane L. Durkee

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Ms. Durkee, a friend of PDF through the Parkinson's Quilt Project, wrote this letter to a newspaper about Parkinson's Awareness Month and her display of the Parkinson's Quilt. Finds tips for writing a letter like hers and for bringing the quilt to your community.

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Source Date: Mar 15 2011
Source Publication: PublishaLetter
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