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PDF and AANF Announce Clinician Scientist Development Award

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) and the American Academy of Neurology Foundation (AANF) are pleased to offer a 2007/2008 Clinician Scientist Development Award to support our mutual interest in training outstanding residency-level clinicians in the field of Parkinson's disease (PD).

The PDF-AANF Clinician-Scientist Development Award will support three years of research training in an environment where talented young clinicians address problems in PD with the most current scientific tools. It is expected that upon completion of the program, participants will be committed to a research or combined clinical/research career in PD and will be in line to direct robust research programs relevant to PD. Successful applicants will receive a three year award of $85,000.

To learn more in detail about this award and to apply please visit the AANF website, at: or download the entire application here.

PDF is proud to support this award as part of its research program. To learn more about PDF's research grants, please visit,

Source Date: Nov 13 2007