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PDF Reports on Patient Trust in Clinical Trials

The Parkinsonís Disease Foundation (PDF), is pleased to announce the availability of its summary report, Building Patient Trust: A New Era in Parkinson's Clinical Research Rights & Responsibilities, which can be accessed by clicking here.

This report covers the results of a roundtable discussion that took place on January 24, 2007 at the New York Academy of Sciences, among people with Parkinsonís and representatives from science, government, and industry. The 2007 roundtable session was the first in a series of three being hosted by PDF to identify and address barriers to clinical research participation by people with Parkinsonís disease (PD).

Clinical research participation by people with PD is crucial to testing new therapies for Parkinsonís and pushing them to the market. However, a Harris Interactive Survey, conducted on behalf of PDtrials in 2004, demonstrated that patient trust is one obstacle to achieving higher participation in trials.

The diverse group of roundtable participants, including individuals from other disease groups, discussed strategies to heighten patient trust, increase knowledge and awareness of clinical research, and ultimately increase participation in clinical studies. For example, it was as a result of this roundtable that PDF is implementing the Clinical Research Learning Institute, which will take place in summer 2008, designed specifically for interested and talented lay members of the Parkinsonís community. The Institute will provide participants the tools they need to serve as leaders and knowledgeable patient representatives within clinical research ó advocating for the role of the patient in the process that brings medications and medical devices from research to market.

Please click here to view the report for Building Patient Trust: A New Era in Parkinson's Clinical Research Rights & Responsibilities, which summaries the discussions and recommendations.

Please click here to learn more about the Clinical Research Learning Institute.

The roundtable is part of PDFís Advancing Parkinsonís Therapies (APT) initiative, our multi-project program that is designed to identify and address non-science barriers to the acceleration of Parkinsonís treatments and therapies. To read about the Roundtable series, please contact PDF or visit

Source Date: Mar 04 2008