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Staying Independent

While Parkinson's can present varying levels of physical challenges, there are tools and technologies to assist you in staying as independent as possible. 

These can range from assistive devices that allow you to use your computer more easily, to changes in your home that make it easier to navigate, to specific tools (i.e., velcro) that may make it easier to button your shirt or tie your shoe.

Technologies change quickly and staying on top of them is important, so that you find what you need to do the things you love and maintain an active lifestyle.

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Driving and Parkinson's
Category: Staying Independent
Resource Type: Publications
Publication Date: 2013
Author: Margaret O' Connor, Ph.D., A.B.F.F. and Lissa Kapust, L.I.C.S.W.
Publisher: Parkinson's Disease Foundation
Cost: Free
Toll Free: (800) 457-6676
Associated URL:
Address: 1359 Broadway, Suite 1509
City: New York Zip: 10018
Language: English
State: New York
This fact sheet offers in-depth information and practical tips on living and driving with Parkinson’s. Also offered in Spanish.

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