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Participant Information

Nancy Grandoff


The "fickle finger of fate" pointed to me in 1998 with a diagnosis of PD. I am a watercolorist who had not picked up a brush in years.

My husband insisted that I now go back to the drawing board. I was unsure of my artistic talent, but once I picked up the brush again, I was "hooked."

Oddly enough the tremors seemed to disappear as I sat and watched my paper come alive with color. Day by day I could see my paintings evolve.

I am now a watercolorist who has Parkinson's disease. The beautiful paintings I have created have come about because of PD. Before PD my life was hectic. Now, I paint on a daily basis with great satisfaction. I donate many of my paintings for charitable events.

I was given a talent and it took the diagnosis of PD to bring this creativity in my art forward. It now plays such a role in our lives. I look forward to the relaxation while I'm painting and the pride I feel when a painting is completed.

When one has PD everything one does takes on a different perspective. Attitude is determined by attitude and as a Parkinsonian, I intend to think positively and continue painting my colorful world with watercolor, as well as trying to get the most out of life in spite of PD.