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Participant Information

Lewis Gordon


"My Papa has Parkinson' he just makes the dots bigger." That is my granddaughter's answer for an artist that paints impressionism. She believes her Papa can overcome PD by adapting his walk, his talk and his art.

Parkinson's has changed my life and I have changed my art. Brilliant clean colors and bold strokes have replaced soft pastels and tiny detail.

I used to travel to Europe for inspiration, now I seek my vision through travel books and magazines. I have dropped out of my flying club and given up my car keys as I learn to negotiate stairs and door frames.

I have a very good neurologist who has taught me that I cannot take my medication when I want, it must be taken on a very rigid schedule. I am going to be 75 in a few months and life has never been better.

I live a fairly normal life, up at 6 A.M. and spend everyday painting. My next one man show will be a repeat of the Dallas Area Parkinson's (DAP) show that was held last October at Southwest Gallery in Dallas, TX. That show generated $8,000 for the Dallas Area Parkinson's supporters.

My art is where the really big change has occurred. I seem to be free to paint more daring pieces that brighten the day for everyone. Parkinson's hasn't slowed my life or creativity, I just make the dots brighter and bigger.